Welcome to Courageous Hearts 

Courageous Hearts is a unique self-awareness and mindfulness program for primary aged children that helps them understand their emotions, strengthens their self-esteem and encourages them to become more resilient and calm. This is done through storytelling, creative activities and sharing experiences. Learning takes place under the guidance of qualified educators who share their wealth of personal and professional experience.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about teaching children to learn to love themselves and all that they can be. Our combined 40+ years of teaching experience, along with our additional studies enable us to offer children rich, creative and holistic learning experiences. Our goal is for Courageous Hearts to positively impact the lives of 1000's of children and their families.

We believe that children are the hope and brilliance of the future. In time, they will become the wise ones, leaders, parents, teachers and healers of the future.

E-mail: admin@courageoushearts.com.au • Peta - 0403 062 332